Why your System and/or Google Analytics shows a different number of delivered impressions?
31 December 2014 06:15 PM

Though Google Analytics is a great analytics tool for Web,  it not designed to capture Video related traffic. It depends more on vendor implementation in player or custom tags that you use to track video traffic.

There could be several reasons why you may be seeing higher numbers in Google Analytics then our system reported.

  1. Google Analytics may be looking at starts, not ad completions.  We only pay for ads that are 100% watched/completed by the viewer.
  2. Your Google analytics appears to be measuring the chunks of data, not the movie starts. You might like to compare your reported numbers with unique IPs.
  3. Google Analytics cannot capture dag server events like Ad Breaks, No Ad Responses, return responses, error responses etc.
  4. Your Google Analytics may not detect Viewer activity or Dag responses in real time like incomplete sessions, incomplete responses, sessions out, connections out etc. that result into incomplete Ad impressions.

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