Knowledgebase: Video-on-Demand
Our viewers have different capacity internet connections. How do we deliver multiple bit rate video streams, such as 330 kbps, 600 kbps, and 1 mbps?
31 August 2011 08:09 AM

You will need to provide multiple encoder streams. This can be done by:

          1. utilizing a video card that has three outputs
          2. utilizing an encoder specifically designed for this. (Extremely expensive)
          3. utilizing three different computers with three different video cards.

You will then send all three encoder streams to TotalStreams video streaming servers. When the viewer clicks on the link to watch the video stream the Windows Media software will automatically downgrade to the appropriate stream.

Note that you must have adequate internet bandwdith for twice the amount of bandwidth that you are sending. For example, if you are encoding at 330 kbps, 600 kbps, and 1 mbps you will need 2 x (330 + 660 + 1,000) = 4 mbps of upload speed. You can NOT do that on most DSL or cable modem connections.